Player ordered off

February 22, 1915
With Liverpool without an engagement and Everton engaged Cup-hunting, the local interest centred in the meeting of the Everton and Liverpool Reserves teams. What promised to be an interesting contest was really little more than a scramble and ultimately developed into such a display of bad temper that the referee was compelled to order Duffy, the Liverpool half-back off the field of play.

Throughout the second half both sides had indulged in much vigorous and often unnecessary charging, and a regrettable scene between Macdougall and Simpson was followed by Duffy and Nuttall getting at loggerheads. Liverpool won easily enough, and were no doubt the better of two bad sides. There was little or no attempt at combination, and the play throughout was poor in the extreme. Liverpool scored in the first half after thirty-three minutes’ play, Bradley heading through from a corner after Metcalfe had missed a glorious opening with only Mitchell to beat.

Everton lost Houston (injured) shortly before the interval, and played through the second period with ten men. After seven minutes play in the second half Watson scored Liverpool’s second goal, and followed this up with another point fifteen minutes later. Then Liverpool lost Duffy, and both sides were equal so far as the number of players was concerned. Houston’s absence threw the Everton front one out of gear and to this extent there would be some excuse for the lack of cohesion among the Everton forwards. On the other hand although Liverpool did not suffer from this disadvantage till the second half was well advanced, when Metcalf took on the half-back position they were little better than their opponents, and the game did neither side any credit.

Everton Reserves: Frank Mitchell, Bobby Simpson, Louis Weller, William Brown, Billy Wareing, James Roy, Johnny Houston, Tommy Nuttall, Bill Wright, Horace Howarth, James Roberts.
Liverpool Reserves: Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Walter Wadsworth, James Scott, Charles Duffy, Phil Bratley, Wilfred Bartrop, Henry Rounds, Wilfred Watson, Arthur Metcalf, Robert Macdougall.
(Liverpool Daily Post: February 22, 1915)


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