Views on to-morrows game at Anfield (v Burnley)

February 26, 1915
Liverpool folk rarely go thirteen days without a chance of seeing a First Division match, and therefore they will relish the attraction that is provide at Anfield to-morrow. Liverpool’s opponents, despite some of their uncertain football during the season, are still a big draw, Boyle, Taylor, Freeman, and Dawson being a few of their special items.

The Liverpool side, after their rest, will be keen on the game, and Burnley, having played in mid-week, will find themselves a trifle stale, the Bolton Cup-tie having taken something out of their reserve force.

Pagnam’s last home appearance led to three goals of the best type, and we shall be curious to see whether he mounts higher in the scoring list. He certainly has renewed interest in Liverpool, whose position in the chart still needs bristling up.

If the forwards will send out passes that can be taken while on the run, and if those possible shots are made instanter, we shall see an excellent game.

I have seen Burnley more than once this season, and they impress me as a really good side still. Kelly, an inside forward, who has played inside, on the wing, and now appears at centre, is a useful product of St. Helens. Watch him and note his shooting. Boyle’s game is always an instruction, and Taylor’s speed and Bamford’s reliability are valuable helps in Burnley’s successes.

The Cup Finalists are pretty sure, good weather being our lot, to be watched by a large crowd, and those present, as also those absent, will find the “Football Echo” quite their best medium to the doings of the day.

Teams at Anfield.
Liverpool. – Elisha Scott; Ephraim Longworth, Robert Pursell; William Lacey, Harry Lowe, Donald Mackinlay; Jack Sheldon, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, Tom Miller, Jimmy Nicholl.
Burnley. – Jerry Dawson, Tom Bamford, David Taylor, Levy Thorpe, Tommy Boyle, Billy Watson, Billy Nesbit, James Lindsay, Bob Kelly, Teddy Hodgson, Bert Freeman.
(Liverpool Echo: February 26, 1915)

Burnley’s Bob Kelly.
Bob Kelly

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