Everton and Liverpool at Anfield

March 8, 1915
The meeting of the local junior teams, at Anfield produced a much better contest than the previous game at Goodison Park, and what is most important, it was free from any questionable tactics.

The game was keenly fought, and the result’ a goalless draw was a fair indication of the trend of the play. There was much strenuous work from both sides, and the most noticeable weakness was in the forwards who seemed afraid to put their shooting skill to the test.

Numerous good openings were created and allowed to lapse without the custodians being tested. Howarth once hesitated when he was splendidly placed, so that when he did shoot the ball turned off Wadsworth towards the Liverpool goal, where Campbell picked up from the goal-line.

Rounds ought to have scored for the Anfielders when Metcalf put across a beautiful ball but he failed to trap the ball and the chance went begging. These were two of many instances of faulty forward work. The defence on both side was better than the attack. Wadsworth and Simpson took the chief honours, being prominent in both attack and defence.

The half-backs did their work well, and much of the ineffectiveness of the forwards was no doubt due to their excellent play. The forwards expended a vast amount of energy for no result, although Metcalf and Howarth tried hard to infuse some method into the attack.

Liverpool Reserves: Kenneth Campbell, Sam Speakman, Walter Wadsworth, Thomas Fairfoull, Charles Duffy, Bob Ferguson, Wilfred Bartrop, Henry Rounds, Wilfred Watson, Arthur Metcalf, James Dawson.
Everton Reserves: Frank Mitchell, Bob Simpson, Louis Weller, William Brown, Billy Wareing, James Roy, Bill Palmer, Tommy Nuttall, Bill Wright, Horace Howarth, James Roberts.
(Liverpool Daily Post: March 8, 1915)


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