The cost of living

May 1, 1915
A salad is within the means now of every purse. Lettuce is on the market at 1½d. and 2d., watercress is 4d. and 6d. per lb., radishes two bunches for 1½d., cucumbers 4d. each, and seakale 1s. to 1s 3d. a bundle. Amongst the vegetables the specialties are Canary potatoes at 7lb. for 1s., spring cabbage at 1d. and 1½d., cauliflowers 2d., 3.d, and 4d., spinach 4d. per lb., kidney beans 10d. per lb., English asparagus 1s. 6d. and 2s. per bundle, French asparagus 1s. and 1.s 3d., and mushrooms 1s. per lb. English tomatoes have made their appearance, but are 1s. 2d. per lb., while Canary varieties remain at 4d. 6d., and 8.d per lb. Rhubarb is now plentiful at three bunches for 2½d.

In the fruit line one notes gooseberries at 1s. 3d. per lb., Jaffa oranges are 1d. each, Valencias 5d., 6d., and 8d. per dozen; cooking apples 3½d. and 4½d. per lb., eating ditto (Tasmanian) 5d. and 6d. per lb. Canary bananas are 10d. a dozen and Jamaican 9d. per dozen.

The supply of fish to-day is normal, prime qualities being easier in price. Salmon is selling at 1s. 10d. and 2s. per lb., turbot 1s. and 1s. 6d., brett 1s., halibut 1s. 2d., plaice and hake 6d. and 8d., soles 1s. 3d. and 1s. 6d., lemon soles 10d. and 11d., maiden ditto 4d. and 6d., cod 4d. to 7d., whiting 3d. to 6d., mackerel 2d. to 6d., and haddock 5d. and 6d. Ray is 4d. per lb., codling 4d. and 5d., and haddies 6d. to 9d. per lb. Herrings are fourteen and sixteen for 1s., and kippers 1½d. and 2½d. a pair.

There is no change in the price of English beef. Thus rump steak is 1s. per lb., sirloin 11d., stew steak, shell, and rib 10d. per lb., flat rib and shin 8d., Chops are 1s. per lb., and leg and shoulder 11d. per lb. Chilled beef is quoted at 11d. per lb. for fillet steak, 10d. sirloin steak, 9d. for leg, 8d. round, 7½d. shell-bone, and 7d. for rump and rib.

Imported lamb is good at 7½d. per lb. for hindquarter, shoulder, and loin, and 6d., for neck and forequarter. The price of frozen mutton is 5½d. per lb. for hindquarter, loin, and leg, and 5d. for shoulder and neck.

At the grocer’s butter is 1s., 1s. 1d, and 1s. 2d. Irish eggs ten and twelve for 1s. Bacon is 9d., 10d., and 11d. per lb.; cheese 9d. and 10d.; lard 7d. and 8d.; flour 8lb. and 9lb. for 1s.; sugar 2lb. for 3½d., and lump 2d. per lb.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 1, 1915)

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