James Scott saves woman from drowning

May 4, 1915
Not for the first time in the history of brave deeds has a footballer been specially complimented upon his bravery. Charles Hewitt, one time of the Albion, Middlesbrough, and Crystal Palace, wears a medal for a particularly brave deed – in fact, I believe he has also been presented with the Royal Humane Society’s medal.

These men do not advertise their deeds; and it was only by accident that I came across a brave deed on the part of a Liverpool half backJames Scott – who dived into a dock the other day and saved a woman from drowning.

James Scott was highly complimented and commended by the magistrate sitting at the Liverpool court proceedings. James, of Ayrshire, has our heartiest congratulations on his “fine save.”
(Source: Liverpool Echo: May 4, 1915)