Footballers and their war-time work

May 5, 1915
I came across Ernest Pinkney yesterday. The former Everton player had a good season with Sam Gilligan’s team, and is now looking for work. He’s a clerk, and I can recommend him. If you know of a crib that is vacant, word sent on to me shall be put in Pinkney’s box.

Talking of footballers going to work reminds me that a number of players have taken up summer work, in fact the majority of them have found billets. Some are at the docks; other are engaged on Government work.

A number of the laddies have turned hame to see the purple heather, but Nuttall, Thompson, Metcalf, Bratley, Terris, Fleetwood, and Elisha Scott are among those I know to have gained good places. Cammell, Laird’s has been a favourite place for our local footballers.
(Liverpool Echo: May 5, 1915)

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