Meeting of the F.A. (May 31, 1915)

May 31, 1915
Mr. John Charles Clegg presided this afternoon at a Council meeting held at the F.A. offices, 42, Russell-square, W.C. The amended total to be divided among the clubs competing in the semi-finals and final of the F.A. Cup and F.A. Amateur Cup competitions was £1,864 5s. 5d., not £1,596 4s. 3d. The amounts to be received were as under: –

FA Cup: Sheffield United (winners), £757 11s., 4d.; Chelsea (runners up), £721 19s. 2d.; Bolton Wanderers, £176 1s. 9d.; Everton, £140 9s. 7d.

FA Amateur Cup: Clapton (winners), £24 12s.; Bishop Auckland (runners up), £26 16s. 1d.; Ilford, £9 9s. 10d.; London Caledonians, £7 5s. 8d.

The report of the committee appointed to arrange the clubs into divisions for the purpose of the elections of divisional representatives was received.

The National Association of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and the International Football Association have notified assent to the proposal of the Football Association that the meeting of the International Football Association Board be not held this season.

The letter from the Council of the Scottish Football Association, which has already appeared in print, was submitted, and it was decided that the FA Council are willing to accept the expression of regret from the Scottish Football Association, and to consider the matter closed.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: May 31, 1915)

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