Meeting of the Football League (May 31, 1915)

May 31, 1915
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held to-day at the Endsleigh Palace Hotel, London. Mr. John McKenna (president) in the chair.

In reply to a question by Clapton Orient, the secretary was instructed that enlistment cancels agreement service between club and player.

In reply to several clubs, and as a matter of principle, the committee decided that were a guaranteed benefit has been promised to a player by a club, and through the abnormal conditions of last season, the club has been unable to carry out such promise, it is permissible for the club to pay the amount at a future date whether the player be in the service of the club or not.

Newcastle United were awarded £120 against Burnley for a displaced fixture. Bolton Wanderers were similarly awarded £75 against Chelsea, Chelsea £125 against Bradford, Barnsley £29 against Birmingham, Birmingham £63 against Hull City.

It was decided to call a conference of the three League at Blackpool on July 3, the Management Committee to meet at Blackpool on July 2.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: May 31, 1915)

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