Football to be resumed

July 3, 1915
The joint conference of the English League, Scottish League, and the Irish League, and the Southern League was held at Blackpool, to-day, under the chairmanship of Mr. McKenna, president of the Football League, when resolutions were passed in favour of continuation of football on lines to be recommended to the governing body in the three countries.
Resolution which were unanimously adopted at the conference were as follow: –

This conference, having carefully considered all the arguments in favour of and against the continuation of the game, are satisfied that the best interest of the nation, those engaged in the war, and preparing munitions of war, as well as a considerable number of people who are, by various reasons, unavailable for the purposes of the war, will be served by the continuance of the game.
“Having regard to the varying conditions experienced by the League here represented, the conference is of opinion that each League should be left to carry out such programme as may be thought most advisable in such way as should best recommend itself to the League concerned.
“That each League consider the desireability of approaching its national governing association to discontinue registration of professional players, during the ensuing season, and that for such period all professionals be made amateur players as in the case of professionals who have joined the Army and Navy, and who thereby automatically become amateurs.”
(Liverpool Echo: July 3, 1915)

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