Scotland’s war football scheme

July 8, 1915
A special meeting of the Scottish Football League was held in Glasgow last night, when delegates to the recent conference of the four Leagues at Blackpool submitted their report. After a lengthy discussion and consideration, the committee adopted the following resolution:-

“That in any football which the League may carry on during 1915-1916 no player shall be engaged unless such players is regularly employed throughout the week during the term of his engagement in work other than football, or in any connection with football, and no club shall allow its interests to interfere with the work of players engaged in Government work.”

A committee was appointed to see that the foregoing resolution is properly carried into effect.

The committee also decided that the competition be carried through as in former years, with the same number of clubs, and to reduce the guarantee to £30.

It was also decided that the maximum wage to be paid to all players shall be fixed at £1 per match played by the club. No football will be played except on Saturdays or holidays, and that kick-off shall be 4 o’clock instead of 3.30 as formerly.
(Liverpool Daily Post: July 9, 1915)

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