The soldiers wants football to go on

July 14, 1915
The assortment of letters from the front will keep you interested to-day. The most important, to my mind, is the plea of Lance-corporal Bonner, of the 5th K.L.R., who gets his “Echo” regularly in the trenches. He and his friends have been arguing about footballers and munition-making. The letter reads thus:

“We have had an argument in my platoon as to what they are doing now in regard to football next season. I hope it is played. I think it should be played for the sake of our fathers and the men who are unfit to join, and also for the enjoyment of battalions who are in training at home.”

If only for the sake of the Tommies at the front, all of whom have special football fancies, football should be carried on. Here’s an important question which has not yet been discussed by the critics of the game:
“What will the soldier have left them if football discussion is not possible?”

There’s a needle-pointer for them! Doubtless Lance-corporal Bonner has since writing seen the announcement of the Football League. There is another meeting on Monday of even more important than the Blackpool conference, and he should keep his eye out for the paper of July 20.
(Liverpool Echo: July 14, 1915)

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