The Football League: The annual meeting of 1915

July 19, 1915
This morning the annual meeting of the Football League was held, Mr. John McKenna, the president, in the chair.
Every club was represented.

The chairman, in handling the cup and medals to Everton, congratulated the club, stating that it was twenty-one years since Everton had won the championship. Mr. William Clayton thanked the chairman for the kind sentiments. Mr. Keys presented the shield and medals to Derby County, the champions of the Second Division.

He said there was no fluke about their winning. They took the lead in December and kept it. The chairman of Derby County, while expressing doubt about the position of his club, said he hoped they would be able to fight in Division 1, when the time came.

The balance sheet showed a loss for the season, of £386, the income having been £1,909 and the expenditure £2,296. The profit and loss account showed that there was still a credit balance of £886, and that the League has £981 4s 6d invested in the Sheffield Gas Company.

There were no questions, and the balance sheet was passed.

Leicester Fosse and Stoke were elected to the Second Division for the two vacancies. Stoke thus return to their former love.

Mr. Charles Sutcliffe read the balance sheet of the relief fund, which showed that the receipts from percentages of gates and Cup ties were £4,942, from players’ wages £4,107, staff deductions £500, bank interest £18, making a total of £9,568. The expense had been £9,346.

The reports drew attention to the case of Derby County, which was said to have made a profit of £501, while they had a capital of £2,000 not called up. The management Committee had ordered Derby County to repay the sum of £350.
Derby County are willing to refund the amount when possible.

There being no other nominations, the following officers were declared re-elected: – President, Mr. John McKenna; vice-presidents, Messrs. H. Keys and John Lewis.

The following nominations were made for the six seats on the management committee: – Messrs. Dr James Baxter, John Cameron, Arthur Dickinson, W. Hall, T.E. Harris, W.W. Hart, and Charles Sutcliffe. The chairman read a letter from Mr. Hart withdrawing, so that all the old members of the management committee will act again.

The chairman asked the meeting that in all discussions the country should be put first and football second.
He then formally moved that in the interests of the country for the present the League competition be suspended until such time as it is thought desirable to reinstate it.

This was agreed to without discussion.

Mr. Rinder, Aston Villa, moved that no match be played under the auspices of the Football League during the war, but that the League clubs be allowed to play what matches they desired.

This resolution was lost, and Mr. Sutcliffe suggested the following motion.

That the management committee seek to arrange a competition which may include clubs in membership with the League and other clubs in the locality, so that there may be football played throughout the country. Any club that likes may decline to participate in the game.

This was carried.

The management committee asked for a vote on the payment of wages, so that the League’s views might be put before the Football Association.

A vote was taken with this results – for payment 21; against 19.

It was decided to ask the Football Association to drop the English Cup Competition for this season.
The meeting adjourned until after the Football Association meeting.
(Liverpool Echo: July 19, 1915)

Arthur Dickinson, the Football League.


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