Central League: The annual meeting of 1915

July 29, 1915
The adjourned annual meeting of the Central League was held at Huddersfield on Thursday. Mr. John McKenna presided. The Rochdale club were represented by Mr. H. Howarth

It was unanimously decided that, on account of the war, operations be indefinity suspended.

Power, however, was given to the Management Committee to convene a meeting of the members to reconsider a resumption of football whenever they felt justified in taking such action.

A resolution was passed to the effect that a player might, with the sanction of the Management Committee, but not otherwise, play for a club other than that for which he was registered.

The different clubs were given permission to arrange such matches as they might desire. The registration of players, however, is to be discontinued until further notice.

Mr. McKenna said a player must make up his mind as to which club he was going to assist. There would be no strict interpretation of the rule as to ulterior motive if a player could give a reasonable reason for his choice.
(Rochdale Observer: July 31, 1915)

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