The players signed on for 1915-16

August 5, 1915
A breath of football comes from the Anfield sources to-day. We are approaching football’s season speedily, and the clubs are getting their house in order for the newly-formed “Lancashire Circle.”

Locally, I do not doubt for a moment the success of the season, for both our clubs have been fortunate in securing the promises of most of their last season’s players, and therefore the fare served up will be attractive.

It may happen that the public will take new interest in the “war games,” for there should certainly be plenty of sport about them, and there will be much opportunity for THE football as compared with the crush and rush of League football which had degenerated into something of a rutty type of game which had at its base the “points-at-any-price” game. Liverpool F.C., although not in the field early with their list of players, have been working earnestly for their patrons for next season, and to-day Mr. George Patterson, acting secretary of the club, has issued the list of players who have definitely promised to help the club next season. It reads as follows: –

Goalkeepers. – Campbell, Sutcliffe.
Backs. – Longworth, Speakman, Hill.
Half-backs. – J. Scott, MacKinlay, Wadsworth.
Forwards. – Metcalf, Pagnam, Watson, Hafekost, and Dawson.

All the above players are working in Liverpool, and are certain to play.
The following players are out of town, but have expressed their willingness to play if work can be obtained in Liverpool: –

Goalkeeper. – E. Scott.
Back. – Grayer.
Half backs. – Ferguson, Lowe, Duffy, Bratley.
Forwards. – Bartrop and Banks.

Apart from the above are promises from several local players, but permission must be got from their clubs before publishing names.

So you will agree that Liverpool F.C. promise well for next season. The name of Lacey does not appear, and many inquiries among followers of the game have been centred upon the Irish international’s intentions. Nothing at the moment can be detailed regarding Lacey’s intentions. Lacey is on holiday at the moment, but no doubt there will be news of his decree shortly. If he is able to find work in Liverpool I can imagine him jumping at the chance of a game of football for he is wholehearted in his love of the game.

Campbell is stationed at Seaforth, and has been promised leave for Saturdays, so that the Army will provide us with a chance of seeing one of our best and most popular goalkeepers. Sutcliffe played a fair number of times for Liverpool reserves last season, and formerly appeared with Harrowby.

J. Scott and MacKinlay have found new sources of sport-pleasure to keep themselves fit, baseball being the means. Another baseball expert, a prolific scorer in the Irish football tournaments, is likely to be “signed” by the Anfield club; and the forward line should be a strong link in the club’s armour, for Pagnam with his novel ways and powerful shooting, should make his presence felt. There is a buzzing about just now that prospects well for football, munition and other workers expressing a keen desire to see “the lads” and the game.
(Liverpool Echo: August 5, 1915)

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