Additions at Liverpool are likely

August 10, 1915
The Liverpool club’s list of players for next season is likely to be added to shortly, as more than one player formerly connected with Anfield Road is anxious to do duty with the Reds again. Keep your eyes upon this column for first-hand news of the moves.

The price of admission to our Lancashire League matches as been settled. It is to be six-pence, as in former years. Well, we are not thinking of grumbling at any charge made, and so long as the working-man is given good value for his money he’ll relish the cheap antidote. With the weather experienced this week vividly sticking in our minds, we instinctively turn to the football period and wonder what the populace could do it the game was stopped. What could they turn to for their deserved recreation?

There is no answer.

Jumping from play to players, I gathered from a good source on Friday that Bob Crompton is going to play with “Blackpool Rovers,” because he feels that to give up the game would be fatal to his chance of playing senior football in the coming years. Bob thinks he is good enough for football for many a day yet, and he realises what we who have tried to revive our playing days have realised to our cost; you cannot give up football for a long spell and come back to it with any success. The muscles become taut and the body “sets” – therefore your wind power decreases.

No, footballers who have the game as their profession and are working on munitions &c., or with the colours, will be very foolish to give the game a miss this season. ‘Tis better that they keep their eye in. By the way, I learnt at Friday’s gathering that Preston North End are likely to get a number of their former players in their matches, Fay and others joining their old companions.

Bill Palmer, the ex-Everton forward, is now domiciled in Barnsley, where he assists his father-in-law in the “public” business. He will throw in his lot with the Oakwell club next season.
Phil Bratley (Liverpool) has likewise responded favourably to Barnsley’s invitation, and will play alongside Frank Barson. Bill Palmer and Bratley will there be renewing old associations.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 10, 1915)


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