Local footballers in Sheffield

August 20, 1915
Although Teddy Davison, George Streets, Gunstone (goal), Harry Bentley (half back), and Sam Kirkman (forward) have enlisted since last season, and all their other notable players are engaged in munition work, Sheffield Wednesday are likely to be able to put a good team in the field.

If it is possible that Sam Hardy, the Villa custodian, who lives at Chesterfield, may keep goal for them, but in any case Thomas Thorpe, of Northampton, has offered to do so. Jim Harrop, the Villa centre half, and Frank Womack, the Birmingham back, who are working in Sheffield, have promised to assist, together with the following Wednesday’s last season players: –

Ted Worrall, Jimmy Spoors, Charles Brelsford, Cave (backs); Tom Brittleton, Tom Brelsford, David Parkes, A.W.McGregor (half backs); Fred Capper, Jimmy Gill, Jack Burkinshaw, Andy Wilson, H. Tasker, Ted Glennon, Alson, and Hyslop (forwards.

Bentley, who joined the R.F.A., and is training in Sheffield, will play when his duties permit, and Jimmy Blair (back) and George Robertson (forward), who are working in Sheffield, may possibly help. J. Taylor, a former Wednesday half-back, who recently played with Doncaster, is also available.
(Evening Despatch: August 20, 1915)

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