Rochdale F.C. balance sheet 1914-15

August 20, 1915
The following is the report of the directors of the Rochdale Association Football Club Limited, issued yesterday.

“The directors beg to submit herewith their annual report, and the accounts for the season 1914-15.

“It is with much regret that they have to show another heavy loss on the season’s working.

“However, at the national crisis last August, agreements had already been entered upon, and these had to be fulfilled, and, despite our efforts to economise, the season has proved financially disappointing.

“At the same time we do not think the teams have had the support their play merited, for whilst the first team has upheld its general standard in the Central League, it has also made records for the club in the English and Lancashire Cup Competitions; and the second team, chiefly by the whole-hearted efforts of its amateur players, carried off the Combination championship.

“For the coming season we ask your earnest support, as we are offered and have accepted the opportunity of providing the most attractive list of fixtures the club ever had.

“Please note further, the players are giving their services.

“The directors have given, and are giving theirs.

“Each person attending a match is helping our local charities, as a liberal percentage of the takings is to be devoted to them.”

The income and expenditure account shows receipts as follows: –

Rochdale 1915 1 Rochdale 1915 2 Rochdale 1915 3

Twelve months ago a loss on the season of £856 was reported, which increased the averse balance to £1,890. Players’ wages and salaries amounted to £1,757, as compared with £1,940 in 1912-13. Travelling expenses last year were £103, and amateurs’ expenses £120.

Other principal expenses were players’ outfitting expenses £23, medical appliances and attendance £56, dinners, teas, and refreshments £64, referees, linesmen, and checkers £92, rents, rates, and taxes £59, printing and advertising £86, mortgage interest £37, bank charges £50, ground expenses and repairs £40, league fees and fines £18. For depreciation there was a allowed £53.

The net income from gate receipts in 1913-14 was £1,157 gross, less £72 paid to visiting teams and the Lancashire Football Association. The net income from this source was £1,084 as compared with £1,714 in 1912-13. Subscriptions came to £245 as against £269 in 1912-13. On account of transfer of players £232 was received.

In the balance-sheet last year the liabilities were £2,689 and included £274 of paid-up capital, £564 to creditors on open accounts, £971 to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, and £878 to “loans.”

In 1912-13 the loss was £294 and the adverse balance was £1,034. The loss in 1911-12 was £638, and the debit balance £740. In 1910-11 there was a loss of £177, which wiped out a credit balance of £74 and created an adverse balance of £102.

A trial game will be played next Saturday. The club’s season tickets for next season are now ready.
(Rochdale Observer: August 21, 1915)

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