Bankrupt Manchester United footballer

August 31, 1915
George Edward Travers, one of Manchester United Football Club’s players, appeared for public examination at the Salford Bankruptcy Court yesterday. In his statement of affairs he estimated his liabilities at £221 7s. 3d., his assets being nil.

Travers said he received £4 a week in wages from the Manchester United Club winter and summer alike. During his lesire time he could work for other people if he received permission from the Manchester United Club. If, of course, the club considered the work too laborious they could prevent him from continue that work.

With regard to his liabilities, almost without exception the amount represented money lost and interest. Some of the creditors were professional moneylenders. The money was all borrowed to pay betting losses.

The Official Receiver: “You say it is customary for people in your position to induce in betting?”

Travers added that he got into difficulties soon after he went to Barnsley in 1910 owing to losses on horse-racing.
“I then got into the hands of the moneylenders,” said the debtor, “and I have been in their hands ever since.”

The examination was closed.
(Manchester Courier: September 1, 1915)

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