Ex-Grimsby Town player missing in action

August 31, 1915
Sergeant W.L. Miller (William Miller), of the 9th King’s Own Scottish Borderers, resided at 101 Queen Street, Dumfries. Mrs. Miller, his wife, received the following communication from the officer in charge of the records at Hamilton on Monday:

“It is my painful duty t inform you that in the list of survivors from the transport Royal Edward lately lost in the Aegan Sea, which has to-day been received from the War Office, the name of No. 16337 Sergeant W.L. Miller, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, who is believed to have been on board, is not included. If any further information is received it will be immediately communicated to you.”

Prior to enlisting Sergeant Miller was engaged in business in Dumfries as a picture framer. He was a well-known footballer, and in his early life played for the old Dumfries Hibernians.

He afterwards played as a professional for St. Bernard’s and Grimsby, and on coming to reside in Dumfries again he frequently officiated as a referee at the local matches.

He also assisted the 5th King’s Own Scottish Borderers for a time.

For many years Sergeant Miller acted as secretary of the Young Men’s Society in connection with St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, and took an active share in the dramatic productions of that body.
(Dumfries and Galloway Standard: September 1, 1915)

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