Points shared at Burnden Park

September 6, 1915
Some matches were started late, and not only Liverpool, at Bolton, but Everton, too, were off the mark beyond the appointed time. Of course the difficulty of starting the game is patent, now that men have to keep to their work till a certain time. What I am perturbed about is: How will clubs fare in away matches when the kick-off is at 2:30?

The League has plainly told its clubs that “promptitude” must still be the telegraphic address, and we shall probably hear from the League regarding the opening games. Liverpool motored to Bolton and started late. When they did find their football legs they managed a draw, and should have won.

A typical September afternoon scarcely conduced to a vigerous exposition of the winter pastime, yet the opposing sides displayed an energy which showed that the coming campaign is being entered upon with zest and seriousness.

Attractive enough in its way, it would be idle to say that the play was up to the customary League standard. But what it lacked in cleverness, it made up for in honest endeavour. Liverpool were represented by a side contained some half-dozen of last season’s players, and it was soon seen that they were more than a match for the Wanderers, whose ranks were mainly composed of local juniors. Nevertheless, these, assisted very ably by Rowley, who acted as guide and mentor, gave an excellent account of themselves, and they managed to keep a clean sheet up to the turn.

In the second half Liverpool justified their real strength by scoring through Pagnam, who netted with a vigorous shot. The Anfielders, lapsing into a rather go-as-you-please method, were caught napping just before the close. Speakman, making a bad mis-kick, let in Buchan, who ran through and equalised, greatly to the delight of the 3,000 spectators present.

Judging by Saturday’s display, Liverpool possess a very serviceable and workmanlike side. The chief weakness was forward, where chance after chance was allowed to go begging, but in other departments everything was satisfactory.

Of last season’s players, it is unnecessary to say more than that they one and all looked fit and well. Of the newcomers, Henderson and Williams took the eye most, and we have no doubt that the Anfielders will well hold their own in the struggles that ere to come.

Bolton Wanderers: Joe Lansdale, Sam Greenhalgh, Skippobotham, Bob Glendenning, Walter Rowley, Entwistle, Walker, Tom Buchan, Tom Hesmondhalgh, Dobitt, George Guy.
Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman, James Scott, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Alex McGhie, David “Dai” Williams, Fred Pagnam, James Henderson, James Dawson.
(Liverpool Echo: September 6, 1915)

League table 4 Sep 1915

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