Chaotic tram service to Anfield

September 15, 1915
There is good ground for complaining against the Liverpool tram service to our football matches. Maybe the reason of the stoppage of special care will be attributed to the fact that so many men have joined the colours. However, where 16,000 football enthusiasts – ratepayers, &c., by the way, as well – desire to adjourn for an hour or so’s sport at Anfield or Goodison Park they are entitled to have the use of special cars.

If they don’t get them, no one will be satisfied, for they will have to do the best they can with the moderate service that goes to Anfield, and ordinary travellers on that route will have a grievance against the crowd that goes to matches filling the cars.

Times was when someone locally tried to impose special fares for special cars bound for football matches. That scheme was nipped in the bud, thanks to the publicity given in this Notebook. And now let us hope that the tramways officials will realise that Liverpool is demanding special cars for the football matches as in former years.

If they need evidence of the long delays caused last Saturday, I’ll give them plenty. At three o’clock I travelled to the match as far as I could get – Everton Valley – on a special car marked “Fazarkerly,” although why Fazakerley was having a special on its own no one was able to find out “exakerley.”
(Liverpool Echo: September 15, 1915)

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