Is that, eh, who is that at centre half?

September 15, 1915
One thing that struck me on Saturday. At Anfield there were team changes – slight, but important – because one absentee (Dawson was away through a chill) led to shuffling of the home ranks. Anyone who has followed local football any length of time must have known that Wadworth was not at centre half, and Mackinlay was certainly playing among the forwards.

Now word was sent to certain quarters to gather the name of the newcomer at centre half, and the reply was “Mackinlay is at centre half and Wadworth is the wing half.”

One does not desire to grumble, but this column has ever stood for the benefits of the public, and therefore complaint must be made that team changes were not announced per board.

The man who buys a programme is entitled to know if the team sheet is altered, and the man who does not buy a programme has a right to the knowledge of eleventh-hour changes. Yet no sign was given from the club or the responsible persons.

Hence a certain glamour surrounded the little, stocky fellow, Molyneux, who deputised at centre half. He’s a bundle of energy, and can head a ball well. I could see the Norwich principle in his play, and expect he will do the Liverpool Club a lot of good.
(Liverpool Echo: September 15, 1915)

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