Dr James Ferguson visit Jimmy Nicholl and Tom Miller

September 17, 1915
Liverpool have a far, far longer journey than usually will be the case this season. In these days of stress and work, when not even a footballer can be sure of catching the train that has been decided upon, teams for away matches are hard to gather together.

The first “away” experience Liverpool went through was not altogheter satisfactory, and to-morrow will be a bigger test of their resources. Fortunately they have a big list to draw upon, and the reserves they will arrange for make a full and good team certain.

I happened on one of their directors yesterday, Dr James Ferguson to wit. He’s been racing round Scotland – for a change of scenery – and travelled a hundred or so miles so that he might see Jimmy Nicholl and Tom Miller play.

He tells me that both are working in the mine, and that Nicholl is playing rattling good football. Another point that will interest the old school of Anfield is the fact that Billy Dunlop’s son has joined the Army, and turned up at Anfield last week. Great Scott! Dunlop’s son, mark you! Yet “Billy” is still playing football up North. Few of us knew “Billy” of the big punt had a son of anything like twenty years.

Liverpool. – Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, Sam Speakman, Thomas Fairfoull, Walter Wadsworth, Donald Mackinlay, Alex McGhie, A.N. Other, Fred Pagnam, James Henderson, James Dawson.
(Liverpool Echo: September 17, 1915)

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