Echo reader suggest “Tom Watson Memorial”

September 28, 1915
“J.T.C.,” who says “Bee’s note for ever,” writes re Mr. Tom Watson’s memorial: – It would be a grand thing for all football enthusiasts to show their appreciation for one whose name was a household word in the football world. It need not only apply to Liverpool, but everywhere the late Mr. Watson was known could share in such a worthy object; but if it is only to be confined to Liverpool allow me to suggest that a clock placed on the big stand and an drinking fountain outside the ground would meet with the approval of thousands of the football public who treasured he name of Mr. Watson more than any other official connected with the club. I read your remark re a memorial to be placed on “Spion Kop.” I think it would have to be a very big one, so that it could be seen by all on the ground, and would also have to be placed in such a position that it would not obstruct the spectators’ view of the game. No doubt you will condense this letter in your best style.
(Liverpool Echo: September 28, 1915)

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