The death of John Tosswill

September 28, 1915
The death was announced on Sunday of Corporal John Tosswill, of the Royal Engineers, a former professional football player, who succumbed to the effects of an operation at Eastbourne.

Jack Tosswill, as he was known, was formerly with Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers and Coventry City F.C. He played in the forward line, and though rather eccentric in his game was at times capable of showing flashes of real brilliance, and was a useful goalgetter. Tosswill was a well-educated and gentlemanly young man, of agreeable disposition.
(Source: Coventry Evening Telegraph: October 4, 1915)


A likeable fellow, somewhat eccentric, deaf, and a good-class footballer. That is how one might sum up Corporal John Tosswill, whose death is announced this morning. His ear deficiency used to cause some curious happenings in football matches, for he was not able to hear the referee’s signal, and ofttimes was seen to proceed to score goals what time the crowd and other players were waiting to take a free kick!

Poor Jack Tosswill (writes “Bee”) was a bit of a wag, and his letters to me were always novel and interesting. He was with Liverpool but for a short time, afterwards proceeding to Coventry City. He was brought from Queen’s Park Rangers, and learnt his game with Tunbridge Wells Rangers. On the outbreak of war he joined the R.E. section, and was soon made a corporal.

A capital cricketer, he played for a time with Stanley.
His death took place this morning as a result of an operation at Eastbourne.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 2, 1915)

Image from the article in Liverpool Echo.

The gravestone of John Spear Tosswill. Picture below is taken from this website where you can read more about J.S. Tosswill.
John Tosswill

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