News about Lowe and Lacey

September 29, 1915
Here’s some news regarding two of the most popular players of our city. Both are ex-Liverpool players, and both would have relished the friendly game that are being played here nowadays, and would undoubtedly have rejoined the Anfield forces but for the fact that arrangements regarding work could not be planned to a successful head.

Harry Lowe, Liverpool’s late captain, has decided to throw in his lot with Nottingham Forest. He lives near the lace centre, and works in the mine, and failing a lucrative job in Liverpool he has had to take up the game of football near his home.

Lowe was ever a substantial leader of Liverpool, and it was indeed hard lines on him that he was not able to lead his side at Crystal Palace when the team made its bow to a Final-tie audience. Many weary moments were caused through Lowe’s illness during the Final week at Chingford, and, whereas officials said “Lowe will play,” Lowe told me privately that his chance was not good, and that he would not think of playing if there were any doubt on the score of fitness, much as he would like to play on the auspicious occasion – the King was present at the Final, you will remember. Lowe’s sporting instincts kept him from playing, and Bob Ferguson took over the reins of captaincy.

The other Liverpool player about whom much has been rumoured is William Lacey, the famed Irish International. Lacey’s absence from the Liverpool team is undoubtedly a blow, and it is a pity that the Irishman’s continuous service with the Anfield members has been cut.

A new club is being formed in Belfast, and it is said that Lacey will play for it, and that Walter Scott, another ex-Everton player, will also be on the side. Do not confuse the goalkeepers Scott. There are three, and mention of any of them generally leads to a question being sent to this office regarding relationship or club membership.

I’ll there give the position of affairs. William (ex-Everton) and Elisha (Liverpool) are brothers, and Walter, the ex-Sunderland and Everton player, is no relation.
(Liverpool Echo: September 29, 1915)

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