Another Norwich City recruit for Anfield

October 6, 1915
Liverpool, who are at home to Stockport County, are expecting a tough time, for Stockport have been playing so well that Dame Rumour said they were paying their men a pound a match! The swift-working commission soon fasthomed the story and found it had no justification.

Anfield visitors will find Ernie Gault, ex-Everton, an attraction. He has played more tan one excellent game against Liverpool, and we do not forget his team’s dour struggle against us at Everton and Liverpool in Cup tie warfare.

Two more important persons, however, are George Ritchie and Fred Fayers. The former is one of the Norwich City recruits, who gets his first run at Anfield; and Fayers is a diminutive half-back, who has created a big stir with Huddersfield, and is playing tophole football. Liverpool reintroduce Goddard and J. Scott.

Liverpool. (at home to Stockport, 3.30). – Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth and James Middlehurst, James Scott, Walter Wadsworth, and Donald Mackinlay, Arthur Goddard, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, George Ritchie, and James Dawson.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 6, 1915)

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