A strong Stockport side at Anfield

October 8, 1915
We recall Liverpool beating Stockport 3-0 in a cup-tie recently; we remember the “Snow Saturday” – who can say offhand the date of that vile day? It was on January 11, 1913, and vividly the minds tell us afresh that Stockport that day surprised everyone by their ability to plough through the snow-slushed ground.

This season, however, Stockport, under the ‘cute guide of Davie Ashworth – the man who made Oldham at cheap rates of payment – have been creating surprise and, as stated earlier in the week, have done so well that a lying rumour has been connected with the old club’s name.

They have beaten Rochdale 2-0 and Preston 5-0, beat Stoke, and, better still, drew at Burnley. That is sufficient recommendation for Anfield followers. They’ll go to Liverpool’s match to-morrow in thousands to see this new-framed and clever side.

The start, take note, Mr. Spectator – is still at 3.30., and the band of the 8th Irish Regiment will wile away the time of your waiting on the kop or elsewhere.

Liverpool. – Campbell; Longworth, Middlehurst; Scott, Wadsworth, Mackinlay; Goddard, Banks, Pagnam, Ritchie, Dawson.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 8, 1915)

George Ritchie
George Ritchie Echo Oct 8 1915

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