14 days suspension for James Dawson

October 12, 1915
For the misconduct in the match Stoke v. Liverpool on the 18th ult., when they were sent off the field, Joe Jones (Stoke) and James Dawson (Liverpool) have been suspended by the Football Association for fourteen days.

Dawson and Jones are lucky that their offence was committed before the F.A. had given instructions that future cases of misconduct would be dealt with with unusually severe penalties. I think the F.A. are wrong in giving out this dictum if they are not going on with it. If it is a threat in the hope of stopping temper then it is foolish to have offered the warning.

A game is a game, whether it be in friendly antagonism or under League auspices. Therefore, footballer who are keen on their sport are just as liable to lose their temper in one phase of the game as in this season’s “friendly” matches.

It is a pity, granted that players should lose their tempers in days such as these – but that there should be increased penalties this season is not logical, and the F.A. should take into consideration the fact that players are doing more than play the game, they’re not sauntering through the ninety minutes, but are playing hard and keen football for the benefit of the game and the spectators.

The player, under those conditions, has extenuating circumstances when he is charged with an offences against the morals of the game.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 12, 1915)

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