Tom Gracie in a Glasgow hospital

October 14, 1915
Tom Gracie, the well-known centre forward of Heart of Midlothian F.C., is undergoing treatment in Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, just now for a severe chill which he contracted while in one of the training camps.

Gracie, along with several other members of the Hearts club, joined a battalion of the Royal Scots shortly after the outbreak of war, and during the period of training in Edinburgh he developed a cold which affected his hearing.

He was later transferred to Leeds, and while in that city his complaint became so serious that he received five weeks leave, and was ultimately sent to Stobhill for treatment.

During his stay at Stobhil Gracie has shown considerable improvement, and in conversation with a press representative said that he believed he would be allowed to leave the ward in about five weeks.

Gracie has decided, however, to take no more active part in football until the war is over.
(Source: Dundee Evening Telegraph: October 14, 1915)

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