Jack Sheldon gives evidence in hearing

October 22, 1915
The combined commission of the Football Association and the Football League, which met last week at Manchester, resumed its operations this afternoon.

Further witnesses were called, and there was a delay pending the appearance from out of town of Private Jack Sheldon, the former Liverpool outside right. A. Turnbull was also present to give evidence.
We understand that some players were wanted for evidence, but could not leave their munition work. In this category is included Pursell, the Liverpool back, who is engaged on work in Scotland.
It is highly improbable that the case will be completed to-day. The meeting was sitting at the time of going to press.

The match in connection with the scandal was played at Old Trafford on Good Friday last season, and resulted in a victory for Manchester United of 2-0.

Other than Sheldon and Turnbull the commission took no further evidence to-day, and it is believed that the line of evidence was identical with that given at a previous hearing.

Mr. S.J. Wall, secretary of the Football Association, interviewed, said that there would be no report to-day.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 22, 1915)

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