Bury v Liverpool 2-1 (League match: October 23, 1915)

October 23, 1915
Match: Lancashire Section, principal tournament, at Gigg Lane, kick off: 15:00.
Bury – Liverpool 2-1 (1-1).
Attendance: 7,000.
Referee: Mr. J.H. Alderson; linesmen: Messrs. T. Nelson and S. Lord.
Bury (2-3-5): Pickup; Tommy Greaves, Jimmy Thomson; Teddy Bullen, Billy Humphreys, Bob Heap; Mason, Jack Lythgoe, Billy Hibbert, W. Ingham, Edward Connor.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott, Sam Speakman. James Middlehurst, Walter Wadsworth, William Molyneux, Ted Winn, Ernest Pinkney, William Banks, Fred Pagnam, James Henderson, Donald Mackinlay.
The goals: 1-o Ingram (32 min.), 1-1 Pagnam (34 min.), 2-1 Hibbert (86 min.).

At Gigg-lane, on Saturday, Bury very nearly jockeyed themselves out of a couple of points. They ran neck and neck to the turn, and then had their opponents well beaten, but they dallied dangerously, and only just, and only just won on the post. Although by no means a great game it was an interesting encounter played on a perfect pitch and in ideal autumn weather. Liverpool scarcely did themselves justice at any period of the match.

Scott’s reappearance was both welcome and successful, his activity and anticipatory powers being as keen as ever. Middlehurst created an excellent impression, and Winn at half back put in a lot of robust work. Pagnam apart, the forwards were scarcely convincing, and Pinkney failed to profit by innumerable chances, and Mackinlay evidently thought that he held a roving commission. The Bury forwards were a busy and bustling lot, and both their backs put up a capital show.
(Liverpool Echo, 25-10-1915)

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