William Lacey returns to Anfield

October 27, 1915
There’s good news for Liverpool F.C. followers. They will be delighted to hear that William Lacey has decided to return to this city, and that he will be playing in the home match v. Manchester United next Saturday, at Anfield, the directors having chosen him last night at their selection meeting.

Lacey is a popular player wherever he goes, and the loss of so good a half-back has been felt by the Liverpool club. This is the time of the prodigal’s return, however; and after last Saturday’s reunion at Everton, when Parker and Harrison resumed with their old club, Lacey has “rejoined his regiment,” as it were.

The Irishman has had a number of rumours around his name in recent weeks, Belfast United being his objective, it was said. This is the new Irish club, you know, that is bidding high for  well-known players. Although Lacey was consigned to Belfast United, he turned out eventually with his old team, which is now controlled by Val Harris – Dublin Shelbourne, the club. Certain it is that the Anfield spectators will be in full force on Saturday in view of the special treat afforded, and readers may now realise why I ventured to suggest yesterday that Saturday’s gate would be a record for the Anfield ground.

As a matter of fact I had news that Lacey was coming to his old haunts, but there was an “if” about the business that did not warrant the publication of the news that had been given me by a faithful and trustworthy friend.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: October 27, 1915)

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