A letter from Tom Gracie’s mother

November 5, 1915
I have a letter from the mother of Tom Gracie, the former EvertonLiverpool and Hearts centre-forward, whose death came as a shock to all those who have interest in football’s gentlemen. Mrs. Gracie writes from Dennistoun: –

I have to thank you most sincerely for your article regarding my dear son, Tom. Tokens of respect such as you have written help to lighten the burden the loss of him is to us who loved him so much. Only God knows what I have lost in my darling boy, and when I state that another loved son of mine fell in battle on September 28, only three and a half weeks before Tom died, you will understand what my loss is, and how much I appreciate any little words of praise, especially coming from such an unlooked for source as yours did. They who have gone have left pleasant memories behind them to others outside their own private circle. I would like to thank all Liverpool sympathisers. – Mrs. Gracie.
(Liverpool Echo: November 5, 1915)