Tough team selections for Blackpool match

November 5, 1915
Liverpool left their team-selection over until late on for a special purpose. That the team did not give satisfaction last week is certain. There was a lack of “bite” in more than one department, but certainly in the attacking line there was a weakness on the left. So the team has caused much study this week in the minds of the Liverpool officials.

The away form of Liverpool is quite satisfactory, but it is at home they have failed. Why this should be is hard to tell. Let us hope, however, that their funniosity will continue to-morrow, and that the strong combined forces of Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool will be undone. After Bolton’s victory at Hyde Road last week Liverpool can hope on – there’s no tax on hope.

Blackpool has a strong side, and it will be interesting to see how Pagnam plays upon the ground where he formerly disported himself. He was an outside right at Blackpool, you may remember, and was signed by Liverpool on a recommendation of John Cox.

Not until Liverpool played Manchester City in a Lancashire Cup-tie did Pagnam get a chance at centre. He’s not given up the post from that day to this – and he’s escaped an injury despite his heavy work. Liverpool may find the defence against them too severe, and it would seem that their chance of victory is remote. However, as before, let’s hope; football victories one way or the other do not matter nowadays.

Liverpool (probable). – Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, James Scott, William Molyneux, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, James Dawson.

In addition to the names given above, Ted Winn, Sam Speakman, William Banks, and James Henderson will travel to Blackpool. Metcalf has not yet played with the side this season.
(Liverpool Echo: November 5, 1915)

Note, The Metcalf fact is wrong since he played the first three matches of  the 1915/16 season.

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