Worthy an international cap

November 10, 1915
“Worthy an international cap.” How often has that term been applied to Arthur Goddard, the ever fit outside right, who spent many years with Liverpool before going to Cardiff City and later returning for the “friendly” series to his old club at Anfield!

Goddard’s long service on the wing and his always even form passed by without luck – he “escaped” the eyes of the selectors. Now Goddard on Saturday last at Blackpool struck an old friend of the football field, John Cox, one time Liverpool’s outside left. Goddard went to centre half through the chapter of accidents that occurred to the Liverpool team, and he played such grand football as pivot that Cox afterwards saw his old comrade and said: “Arthur, if you’d only taken to centre half a little earlier in life you’d have represented England.”

Goddard and Cox, despite the handicap of William Molyneux being a passenger through his knee trouble, penned in Blackpool for the first twenty minutes of the second half, and then, of course, the wear and tear of nine men against eleven caused the Reds to falter. Here’s the formation of the team what time Elisha Scott and Molyneux were being patched up: Goal, Donald MacKinlay (he himself was damaged); James Middlehurst and James Dawson, backs; Norman Bradley, Arthur Goddard, and Ted Winn, half-backs; Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, and Arthur Metcalf forwards!

The team trouble, in view of next Saturday’s important match, is awkward.

Southport Central, the surprise team of the tourney with Stoke, are hot stuff, and Liverpool will need their best men for this game. What the home team will be no one knows; it will be selected anon.
(Liverpool Echo: November 10, 1915)

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