A big donation from Liverpool F.C.

November 25, 1915
To-day there is news from the Anfield club that a sum of ten guineas has been voted by the directors to the Footballers’ Battalion Fund. This fund, you know, is for the help of our football friends who are at the front. The battalion is now “somewhere in France,” as a card from our friend, Tim Coleman, makes certain.

“Tim” writes on the stereotyped post-card that is given to Tommies, and says: “I am quite well. Letter follows.” We all wish the Footballers Battalion good luck. Now in addition to the gift to the battalion named, Liverpool F.C. have voted a sum of 25 guineas to the fund for the Liverpool Pals, originated by Lady Stanley.

The club has given jerseys, pants, football boots, and other football requisites to Tommies, and as with other clubs of the Lancashire section of the league, is giving ten per cent. of its gate receipts to the League Fund, Liverpool’s share to date being £197 1s 5d.

These figures, together with other odd amounts, make Liverpool’s total gifts a sum of £1,000. These are the main items of the troops fund: –

Prince of Wales Fund £500 0 0
Princess Mary’s Fund £10 0 0
Sixty footballs at 12s 6d £37 10 0
£548 10 0
War Fund (Theatrical Gala) £104 16 3
Football Battalion Fund £10 10 0
Liverpool “Pals” £25 5 0
Seventy football at 12s 6d £43 15 0
Donation, 8th Irish Band £5 5 0
£190 11 3
Grand Total £739 1 3

(Liverpool Echo: November 25, 1915)

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