No superior in the records of “Local Derbies”

November 26, 1915
Certainly the game looks like producing one of the best exhibitions that we have seen from the teams, and this is saying much, because nearly every one of their meetings has been clean, lean, and excellent football. That to-morrow’s will be on the same high plane everyone will trust and believe will be the case.

Everton and Liverpool have no superior in the records of “Local Derbies,” and it is earnestly hoped that the War Session game will be no exception. There is not a great deal between the defending lines, although latterly Longworth and Middlehurst have been steadier under pressure than Maconnachie and Thompson.

The visiting half backs make better use of the ball than the Liverpool half backs, and the forward lines on last showing would be very even, but in the visitors’ case we find Parker returning.

He has always been a thorn in Liverpool’s side since he joined the Mersey forces. First he scored a couple, next time at Anfield he scored three. It is most likely that with Grenyer and Parker back the Everton team will play much stronger football than they showed Stockport County.

All these ideas can be readily undone by Liverpool’s players,as you must know, and therefore “ifs and ands” count for little. We simply must hie ourselves to Anfield to-morrow, form one of the big crowd that is certain to be there – it’s pretty sure to be a record crowd for the season – help the collectors in their endeveaour to raise further funds for the provision of footballs for Tommies, and enjoy another excellent game.

The kick off is at 2.30, and the referee is Mr. Arthur Pellowe – a stern referee this.
Liverpool. Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, Norman Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, Arthur Metcalf.
Everton. Thomas Fern, Bob Thompson, Jock Maconnachie, Tom Fleetwood, Billy Wareing, Alan Grenyer, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, Robert Parker, Joe Clennell, George Harrison.

1915 LFC v EFC preview 1 1915 LFC v EFC preview 2 1915 LFC v EFC preview 3
(Liverpool Echo: November 26, 1915)

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