South Liverpool to face Altrincham

November 26, 1915
As a result of South Liverpool being defeated by the odd goal last week, they were supplanted by Eccles Boro’, who now lead by a point. These two clubs are running strongly for the honours, and their matches on Christmas Day, at Dingle Park, and New Year’s Day, at Eccles, should be great attractions.

The South visit Altrincham to-morrow, leaving Central Station 12.30. Team: A. Moore, John Page, Billy Jenkinson, R. Smith, Dick Carlisle, E. William, H. Hall, Tom Page, C.F. Cook, R. Parr, and Jack Lipsham, though it is uncertain whether Parr will be fit after his unfortunate injury at Tranmere. Nuttall will also be an absentee, having received permission to assist Everton to-morrow.

Carlisle is fit again, and his absence on the return Derby day was a severe handicap to the Dingleites, though he sent his most earnest wishes that they would win. By the way, the “Pilot” was quietly admonished in Cheshire for keeping this player out of a league club, but his time will come shortly, as he is gaining experience daily. He was considered to be a very able football judge the outstanding figure at Dingle Park on the 20th inst. Baines is working hard, and will not be free until next week.

Tom Page is all right again after his nasty jar last week, and will be welcomed by the club’s supporters for his decision to stick by the club when they had their return Derby to face.
(Liverpool Echo: November 26, 1915)

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