Norman Bradley: A bright bandsman

December 2, 1915
People who are taking but a cursory interest in football these times have been very puzzled to know who and what Norman Bradley is. They have in many cases imagined that the old Stoke and Liverpool half back veteran had come back to Anfield life.

Little has been published regarding Bradley, save that “he played well.” His game is of the John McConnell type. Anfielders will recall the half-back named, and will recollect that McConnell was a clever but not robust. Bandsman Bradley is not only clever in defence, but also in leading to forward attacks, and he is a robust player, too. For his size – he’s on a par with McNeal of West Brom – he’s doing remarkably well. I was led to “get” Bradley’s physiognomy, because we knew not what his experience had been, and we wondered how he could play such a topping game against Everton’s brilliant left wing on Saturday last. Bradley, who is a bandsman in a local regiment, tells me that he played for Prescot Athletic when he was but seventeen years old – what a good school for a boy! Tim and Sam Speakman likewise played for Prescot before taking on the Anfield armour.

After Bradley left Prescot he went to British Columbia to join his brother, and for nearly three  seasons he played with the Port Alberin F.A. He came back to England to enlist, the Lusitania being his “ferry.”

He was born in Kirdale, and is but 22 years old. He has a very promising outlook from the football point of view. Anfield has taken kindly to him, just as he has taken kindly to Anfield, and if he continues in his steadfast game he will want a lot of moving by opponents or by aspirants for the right half back position of the Liverpool side.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 2, 1915)

Images of Bandsman Norman Briscoe Bradley, courtesy of Cheryl Taschuk.