The worst football scandal ever

December 23, 1915
This afternoon the Football Association announced the long-awaited decision concerning what has become known as “The Scandal Match.”
The result is a blot on the game.
It is the worst case the governing body have ever had to deal with.
But they have not shirked their work.
And on that score the football enthusiast will pay them tribute.
The list of “life suspensions” is: –

Liverpool F.C.
Sheldon, outside right.
Pursell, left full back.
Fairfoull, right half back.
Miller, inside left.

Manchester United.
West, centre forward.
Turnbull (“Sandy”), inside left.
Whalley, centre half.

Lol Cook, former Oldham Athletic back.

For a year
Howard, centre forward Manchester City.
F. Howard is suspended for twelve months after the registration of players for the unsatisfactory way in which he gave evidence before the commission.

History of the men.
The men who are sentenced by the Football rulers are well-known to every follower of the game.
Sheldon came to Liverpool after spending many years in the Manchester United team. He is now in the trenches with the Footballers’ Battalion.
Pursell’s transfer to Liverpool from Scotland four years ago led to a suspension and a fine of Liverpool F.C.
Fairfoull has spent most of his football life in Scotland, but has put in three years’ service at Anfield, and was one of the Cup Final team.
Miller, another Scot, was also of the Cup team, and has played in the inner position for four years. He is in a Scottish regiment at the moment.

Manchester United’s men are practically veterans. Turnbull was one of the old Manchester City players suspended, and Enoch West, the present centre of Manchester United, made his name with Nottingham Forest. Turnbull is in khaki and is stationed down South.
Whalley is a comparatively young man. Injuries at Liverpool grounds kept him in the background last season.
Howard is the leader of the Manchester City attacks. He is a strong dashing player.
Cook, of Oldham Athletic, was in trouble recently through refusing to go off the field when ordered, the game having to be stopped.

The main point other than the suspension list in the warning off notice is the order that –

None of the men implicated shall be allowed to enter a football ground in future

The warning off notice of the Association reads: –

The commission found proved that sums of money changed hands by betting on the matches, and that players profited thereby. Being satisfied that the allegations had been proved, the commission permanently suspended the players named.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 23, 1915)

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