A large crowd expected at Anfield

December 31, 1915
All through the season Liverpool Football Club have been springing surprises on us by selecting unknown quantities. Part of their charm is their uncertainty – the club’s charm, I mean. The new players they have enlisted have proved themselves most capable players, and the club themselves has not lost anything by their enterprise.

Promising men like Norman Bradley, William Molyneux, James Middlehurst, Wilfred Watson, and John Bamber, not to mention the prodigal Ernest Pinkney, have made good their positions, and all told the men have made themselves favourites with the crowd. Another name is to be added to the list of Liverpool’s “finds.” To-morrow, in the match with old Preston North End, Liverpool introduce to our notice one Robert Waine, of St. Helens, a neighbourhood that is N.U.’d, as it were.

When the stylish Bamber made his debut for Liverpool we looked on marvelled at his scholarly style. Well, if report be correct, and I trust Mr. Thomas Crompton implicity, to-morrow’s debutant, Waine, is another “Fanny” Walden. About five feet in height he much resembles Walden, the famed midget, in speed and control. Mr. Director Crompton was out St. Helens way one day and saw Waine performing remarkably well, and further, he found that this extreme winger was a clever marksman and could shoot while on the run.

You recollect the story of Fanny Walden being refused permission to a ground when he said “player.” You recollect, further that Walden has made rings round our defences when he has appeared at Anfield and Goodison Parks. He’s a wondrous little fellow, and Mr. Crompton has been good enough to promise his double, Waine, a chance of appearing at Anfield. That is why Pinkney stands down to-morrow. Well, the match was bound to be a good one, but with the added interest. Waine’s appearance will make the game become more than ordinarily interesting.

Liverpool’s shooting success latterly has raised hopes in some enthusiasts that Freeman’s record of 38 goals will this season be surpassed by Mister Pagnam. Well, Frederick of that ilk, has scored 20 goals (including last Monday’s trio against Everton), and he’s capable of doing mighty things. Therefore, with the New Year not yet “in,” he’s well advanced for the mark of the high calling, His enthusiasm is undoubted, his shooting is fierce, and his solo rushes are hard to stop. Everything is in his favour this season, and with no Cup-ties to intervene, but a steady run of one-match per week to go out, Pagnam has a big chance, and I hope he succeeds.

A large crowd is certain to celebrate the New Year by visiting Anfield, and they should be witnesses of a grand game.
Liverpool: Elisha Scott; Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst; Norman Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay; Robert Waine, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, James Dawson.
Preston North End: Hayes, Threlfall, Speak, P. Smith, McCall, W. Henderson, J. Smith, A.N. Other, H. Lee, Gillow, G.H. Barlow.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 31, 1915)

LFC PNE Dec 1915 IILFC PNE Dec 1915 I

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