Bad language to lady conductor

December 31, 1915
A case of insulting a lady tram conductor was heard at the Liverpool Police Court to-day, before Alderman Dart and Mr. T. Massey Lynch, when a man named Charles Fraser, a fruit porter, of 51, Pimhill Street, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Park-place last night.
A constable stated that he found the prisoner in a drunk and disorderly condition. He had refused to pay his tram fare, or give his address. He used disgusting language to a tramcar inspector and the lady conductor, Miss Foxley.
Alderman Dart, in inflicting a penalty of 40s. or a month’s imprisonment, said the bench looked upon this as a most serious offence.
Here we have a young woman doing her work which is necessary,” he added, “because better fellows than you are fighting for us. We really ought to send you to prison without the option of a fine, but to give you a chance we will fine you this time. Such language from a drunken fellow like you is an outrage.
Prisoner, he added, was hardly worthy to be called a man.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: December 31, 1915)

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