Can Liverpool win at Stockport?

January 7, 1916
Liverpool lapsed last week against the lowly Preston club. Still, anything could happen on a day such as last Saturday, and it will be typical Liverpool if they surprise the Stockport side to-morrow. Everyone has come to recognise in the County side one of the best-formed and best-conditioned teams in the land, and on their own ground they are particularly hard to conquer.

It is an unusual ground, and with spectators near the playing area, Mersey teams may find a distraction in playing at Edgeley Park. However, Liverpool are sure to “go for the gloves” in order to make up for their loss of a point in the first meeting of the pair. I suppose friend Fayers will jocularly suggest that Liverpool have no chance, and he will recall that at Anfield Stockport had some chronic luck, otherwise they would have romped home.

Well, luck runs in the grooves, as any sportsman will tell you, and mayhap Liverpool will have a slice of it to-morrow. The greater the task the more certain Liverpool will put in their best work. The team they have selected is an improvement on last week, and Banks, home from home again, and his partner on the left, will, or should, be a stocky wing pair. Liverpool leave Central at 12.50.

Liverpool. – Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, Norman Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Walter Wadsworth, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, William Banks, Donald Mackinlay.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: January 7, 1916)

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