Aston Villa snubbed

Saturday, January 29 – 1916
The Birmingham Football Club directors have declined to take part in the Charity Competition suggested by Mr. Rinder, the chairman of Aston Villa last week. Yesterday the following reply from the Birmingham club was sent to Mr. Rinder: –

“Dear Sir, – I laid your letter before my directors on Wednesday last, and I am instructed to say that they understood that the scheme as outlined by you originated with Mr. Crump, the president of the Birmingham Football Association, and at the same time it was suggested that the matches should take place immediately after Christmas.

“Owing to the fact that the scheme had not matured they had made arrangements, mainly with the military, for playing matches for charitable purposes on the lines of those already played by the club, whereby they have been enabled to hand a considerable amount to the various war funds.

“They therefore regret that they cannot see their way to fall in with the scheme, so that there will now be no object served in attending the meeting you suggest. My directors agree tha the annual contribution by the Birmingham Football Association made out of the proceeds of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham’s Charity Cup should not suffer in consequence of the war, especially as the hospitals and kindred institutions are wanting help badly.

“They, therefore, have offered to the association to set apart the whole, or such part as many be necessary, of the proceeds of the future matches we may play for that purpose, and hope to hand to the association the amount usually set aside out of the Charity Cup Competition by them, viz., £120, for distribution as in former years. –

“Yours faithfully,

Frank R. Richards, Secretary.”
(Daily Gazette of Middlesbrough, 29-01-1916)

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