Stockport County v Everton 3-1 (League match, February 19, 1916)

Saturday, February 19 – 1916
Match: Lancashire Section, principal tournament, at Edgeley Park.
Stockport County – Everton 3-1 (2-0).
Attendance: 5,000 (10,000 from the start of the second half).
Referee: Mr. J.T. Howcroft; linesmen: Messrs. T. Nelson and F. Laister.
Stockport County (2-3-5): James Molyneux, Ralph Goodwin, Tommy Robson, Jimmy Mitton, Tiny  Fayers, Albert Waterall, Harry Crossthwaite, Ernie Gault, Norman Rodgers, Tommy Nuttall, Tommy Waterall.
Everton (2-3-5): Phil Fern, Bob Thompson, Bobby Simpson, William Brown, Billy Wareing, Alan Grenyer, Sam Chedgzoy, Billy Kirsopp, Tom Fleetwood, Joe Clennell, George Harrison.
The goals: 1-0 Gault (20 min.), 2-0 Rodgers (25 min.), 3-0 Rodgers, 3-1 Clennell (pen., 82 min.).

Everton practically scarified their chances of carrying off the championship of the Lancashire Section at Stockport on Saturday, when they were well beaten by 3 goals to 1.

There is some excuse for the Evertonians in the fact that they were without the services of a regular centre-forward and this primarily led to their undoing. At the same time it would be quite unfair to blame Fleetwood solely for the defeat; there were others who failed to rise to the occasion.

As it happened the visitors could do nothing right in the first period of the game. Both the forwards and the half backs were “either at sixes or at sevens,” and it was just as well for the side that the main lines of defence were safe and sound. Had Thompson, Simpson or Fern been in the loses. Degree shakily the adverse margin at the turn must inevitable have been greater.

In the second half the Evertonians gradually got into their proper stride and dominated the last twenty minutes of the season. They reduced the lead by means of a penalty goal, but lack of time precluded any hope of their pulling the game out of the fire.

Altogether it was a distinctly disappointing exhibition on the part of a side whose skill is undeniable but at the same time Stockport must not be begrudged towards of dogged and strenuous tackles.

Leading off in a refreshing pace, the County gained their opening goal through Gault who throughout played a worrying game and before the interval Rodgers whole presence added a second. The same player put on a third rather luckily, and is one after this that Everton rallied.

There were only eight minutes to go, however, after Clennell converted a penalty kick and Molyneux successfully fielded the subsequent volleys directed against him.
(Liverpool Echo, 21-02-1916)

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