Oldham snatch victory at Anfield

February 21, 1916
Liverpool started well enough against Oldham, but they lapsed into a slumbering fashion, and finally were deservedly beaten. Neither inside forward played up to form, though Metcalf came on surprisingly in the second half.

Had Watson played a more practical game we should have seen Waine in brighter colours. Cunliffe and Waine did a lot of good work in the first half, and they could not be expected to go to the middle of the field to fetch the ball.

Waine is already a big favourite, and his swiftness and his daring against big fellows made the crowd laugh and applaid in turn.

True it is that Waine and Mackinlay hit the woodwork of the goal, but not one of the 17,000 spectators could dare suggest that Oldham did not merit the points. Their combination was modelled on Corinthian methods, and if they were faulty in front of goal in the first “45” they were good shooters in the second half.

Without unduly hurting himself Donnachie did some charming things, and Walters was just as fantastic as his partner.

You can trace the Aston Villa’s Joe Bache in the move of Walters. Cashmore was a trifle lumbering, and Knight, who helped to make Glossop’s victory over Everton in a memorable Cup-tie, was not at his best. Even so powerful a half back as David Wilson didn’t outshine Dixon, who has improved almost out of recognition.

Lashbrooke, an old head just popped into the football light, was cunning and sure. Hodson was slow, but Goodwin and the goalkeeper made up for this feature.

On the losers’ side goalkeeper and backs were well worked and successful, but at half back there was a fall from high form, Bamber being the most reliable.

Liverpool: Kenneth Campbell, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard, Donald Mackinlay, Robert Waine, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Cunliffe.
Oldham Athletic: Ted Taylor, Jimmy Hodson, Bill Goodwin, Arthur Dixon, David Wilson, Lashbrook, Joe Donnachie, Joe Walters, Arthur Cashmore, Arthur Wolstenholme, John Knight.
(Source: Liverpool Echo, 21-02-1916)


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