Ted Taylor signs for Liverpool

February 21, 1916
Good news, my sirs! Liverpool F.C., who have lost Elisha Scott (loaned to the Irish club, Linfield), and are losing Gunner Kenneth Campbell, whose regiment is being called up to a Scottish quarter, have been scouting round for a capable goalkeeper – for as you know Liverpool F.C. followers have been used to nothing but the very best of custodians since Ned Doig came their way.

Well, after Saturday’s game at Anfield Liverpool approached Oldham Athletic and obtained what Leeds City badly wanted – permission for Ted Taylor to play. Oldham are loth to part with Taylor for a time, for they know his worth, and are sorry that they cannot play both Matthews and Taylor in goal.

However, Taylor has been appearing against the Mersey sides, and in other cases he has helped Tranmere Rovers. His new business in Hackinshey has needed all his attention, and with his new step – a happy one for club and player, I beg to suggest – Taylor will be able to keep his eye upon work and yet give Liverpool his valued help.

That he is in his first flight of goalkeepers cannot be denied. I have always had great belief in his safe catch, his speed to elude on-coming forwards, his daring and his judgment, and when I saw him play in the match which opened the South Liverpool ground I was certain he had but to wait his time ere he became a goalkeeper of international repute.

He was unfortunate in going to Oldham because Matthews could not be “turned down,” and because Oldham does not give the scope that clubs in big cities can create. Taylor was once upon a time wanted by Everton, but something happened to end the suggested signing, and Taylor, like so many more of our Liverpool born boys, had to go further afield.

He showed Everton what he was capable of in the clubs’ meeting at Goodison Park, and followed it up with another strong display against Liverpool on Saturday. Although Campbell was beaten twice – no fault can be put at Campbell’s doorTaylor had the more awkward work to deal with, and his method of saving from Tommy Cunliffe is the first stanza stamped the man as a goalkeeper who will make a reputation quickly and keep it going for many years.

Although he spent many years with Balmoral, and has had four years’ service with Oldham Athletic. Ted Taylor is still quite a young man, and should therefore have a very long football life. Strangely enough he makes his first appearance with his new comrades next Saturday against Everton. He tells me that he will be available for Liverpool for all their supplementary matches.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: February 21, 1916)


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