Taylor against his former club

March 3, 1916
Indication has already been made by exclusive news to this column that the Anfield game is specially promising to-morrow. Oldham’s strength of forward and half back play is well known, and it will be interesting to study two Oldham men, Ted Taylor, now a Liverpolitan, and Howard Matthews, who has for so many years guarded the Oldham goal without making a flaw.

Liverpool play Goddard at centre half, but if he is not fit Wadsworth will deputise. After last week’s victory – the third this season over EvertonLiverpool are assured a big attendance, and the game promises to be of the “smart” kind, for Liverpool have already beaten Oldham away, but have lost to them at Anfield.

Liverpool: – Ted Taylor, Ephraim Longworth, James Middlehurst, John Bamber, Arthur Goddard (or Walter Wadsworth), Donald Mackinlay, Ernest Pinkney, Wilfred Watson, Fred Pagnam, Arthur Metcalf, Tommy Cunliffe.
(Liverpool Echo: March 3, 1916)

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