Oldham were waiving white feathers

March 6, 1916
The football folk of the Lancashire county will soon find the new grouping of clubs suits them. There are but two months of football remaining this season, and to all intents and purposes the competition is framed for a Liverpool v. Manchester strife, Stockport and Oldham being so near Manchester that they can be brought to the Mancunian fold.

It is to be hoped that the teams will not show the white feather as Oldham did on Saturday at Anfield or interest must flag. Let the players give of their best in the new competition, and spectators will be generous to them.

Oldham seemed to lose heart quite early in the second half, and the crowd became satirical, but fortunately the game ended with a rush of events and a couple of goals, and the crowd soon forgot the paltry play that some players had been serving up.

The view I take is simply this: If the players are going to play the game, then play earnestly – as in the competition recently finished – if otherwise, then give up the game till the war is over.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: March 6, 1916)

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